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Mobile Crane Certification and Training is required Nationwide.  The new law was published in the Federal Register on August 9, 2010 and took effect November 8, 2010.  crane operators have 4 years to comply with this new ruling.  Which will be November 10, 2014.  The new ruling applies to operators using a crane on a construction site (see CFR1926.1427) cranes and derricks in construction.

We help individuals or companies through the certification process.  Our team will assist in the administration of processing applications and scheduling written test dates as well as practical test dates. Our one stop shop makes it more convenient for businesses and individuals.

All Purpose Crane Training, LLC. provides training for operators with no experience and with experience. Crane training can be done at your site, or open enrollment sites are available through out the United States.


Work area control

(a)Where available, hoisting routes that minimize the exposure of employes to hoisted loads must be used to the extent consistent with public safety.

(b)While the operator is not moving a suspended load,no employee must be within the fall zone, except for employes:

(1)Engaged in hooking, unhooking or guiding a load;

(2)Engaged In the initial attachment of the load to a component or structure or

(3)Operating a concrete hopper or concrete hopper or concrete bucket

(i)When employees are engaged in hooking, unhooking or guiding the load, or in the initial connection of a load to a component or structure and are within the fall zone, all of the following criteria must be met:

(1)The materials being hoisted must be rigged to prevent unintentional displacement.

(2) Hooks with self-closing latches or their equivalent must be used. Exception:”J” hooks are permitted to be used for setting wooden trusse.............

Osha crane and rigger standards have changed. 1926.1400 is the new osha standard for rigging equipment. this standard applies to power operated equipment used for hoisting and rigging. Crane rigging certifications can be provided nationwide. We offer also offer online rigging training, online signal person training, online mobile crane training. Spanish training can also be provided onsite. Rigging and signal are new on our site but we are masters at training and ensure that you get qualified training. We offer crane training info on several pages. Rigging and crane training manuals can be found on our online classes. Crane accidents could be avoided by practicing mobile crane safety and if osha rigging regulations are followed. 29 CFR 1926.1400 is a Osha standard for hoisting and rigging.This Osha rule 1926.1400 requires employes on construction site to have training for rigging equipment. Rigger certification or signal person training are required to work near mobile equipment. Our training locations provide certified rigger training, signal person training, national crane operators certification. or you can do our online training classes. Our rigging and crane training manuals will help you or your students pass there rigging class. Rigging certification online courses give you time to study your rigging and crane training manuals. You will understand all osha rigging regulations.

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